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Surfboards Sales in Tamarindo

Spending summer on the beach could be fun and relaxing. Aside from swimming, there are a lot of adventurous activities that could make your time more worthwhile. One of these is surfboarding. It may not be one of the easiest things to do but the challenge it offers and the exhilarating experience would surely make your summer the best.

What is a Surfboard?

A surfboard is a plane platform that is elongated. It is light but strong enough to withstand the weight of a person while riding on the waves. A wide variety is available in the market that is made up of different materials from wood to foam.

The middle of each surfboard is called foam surfboard blank. This is the part that will give the entire characteristic of the surfboard such as the final shape, dimension, and performance. The performance is based on its ability to float and carry the person while surfing.

Tamarindo Surfboards Sales and Design

As with many surfboard designs, there are also a lot of kinds of blanks available. The length starts at 5’8’ and the width ranges from eighteen to twenty-five inches. The surfboard blank has to be near in length and width to the final surfboard size in order to be sufficiently sturdy for its purpose.

There are different kinds of surfboard blank foam that are made up of different materials. One of these kinds of surfboard blanks is those that are made up of polyurethane foam blanks, also known as PU and EPS foam blanks.


PU Blanks produces some kind of fiberglass surfboard that is consist of polyester resins and fiberglass These are the kind of surfboard blanks that is widely preferred since the 1960s. However, in 2005, the Clark Factory which is considered to be the chief supplier of this variety closed down, and the surfboard makers find a replacement and other choices for production.

EPS blanks were used in making epoxy surfboards. It is only one of the two kinds of epoxy surfboard blanks. The material for this kind of surfboard blank has been already available in the market long ago but it only gained factory after the Clark factory closed. This has been used by the surfboard manufacturer due to the fact that it has simple access. This material is not waterproof but with the help of epoxy, it has been made possible to be used as a surfboard blank.

Extruded Foam Surfboard Blanks. This piece gets abbreviated to XTR. Extruded foam surfboard blank is also utilized to create epoxy surfboards. XTR blanks are waterproof closed-cell foam that is very tough. This kind of surfboard will not yellow through the years. Shaping surfboard foam blanks.


At the heart of all surfboards is a foam surfboard blank, devoid of which there would be no surfboards to float. The various kinds of surfboard blank will establish whether the final product is a fiberglass or epoxy surfboard. It will create the final makeup of the surfboard affecting all its qualities and efficiency for use.

 Buying a Surfboard in Tamarindo

Do you desire to build a career out of surfing?

So, that is really great but you have to walk the course very cautiously. You must realize that you cannot take surfing lightly at any point in time and a lot of talented surfers stay jobless since they do not have the commitment. Although choosing a surfboard is really non-technical, buying a surfboard can be a pretty intimidating job. And you have to keep in mind that a surfboard is the means to becoming a professional at surfing.

It is difficult to identify what size and shape of surfboard you could do with as a novice and various choices can be made on impulse. Buying a surfboard can be a complicated and expensive choice. There are lots of surfboards for sale on an array of websites, and this is a fine way to save money on your initial surfboard. If you are intending to purchase a used surfboard, make certain you bring an expert friend that can ensure you make the right choice for your skill level.

The primary thing that you should do is observe the surfers and their boards carefully. The smaller surfboards turn swiftly but glide disappointingly while the bigger surfboards can glide easily but are sluggish in turning. You will also have to choose the kind of board that you long to acquire. The smaller boards are known as short boards. They are roughly 7 feet long and contain a pointed noses. They are excellent for quick and hard-line maneuvering. The longboards are 9 to 10 feet long and contain a rounded nose. They are perfect for smooth and polished turns. When buying a surfboard especially if you are a novice decide on used boards. You can acquire them without burning a hole in your pocket. Before you purchase the used boards check whether the fins are secured or not. Inspect for holes.

Prior to buying a surfboard verify the dimension printed underneath the board. Confirm the breadth, length, and depth, the tail and nose measurements are not that much of a matter. The breadth typically ranges from 18 to 21 inches whereas the depth varies from 2 and 3 inches. The kind of board you require will rely on your body weight. A grown-up weighing about 82kgs will require a short board measuring 7 feet. It should have a breadth of 21 inches and should be 3 inches thick. 

Buying a surfboard from a surf store can be a fine place to begin as you will have somebody well-informed to assist you in making your acquisition choice. Provide the individual assisting you at the surf store with a truthful opinion of your skill and which surf sites you love to go to so they will identify what surfboard will be the finest.

Getting a used surfboard is an excellent means to save money and can be wonderful for those on a budget as surfboards are costly. A lot of surfers will be observing various surfboard websites online to keep an eye out for a particular surfboard size and make. Novices can also get a surfboard online, but be cautious and make certain you know what you are seeking before buying a surfboard.

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