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Santa Teresa Surf School

Surfing in Santa Teresa: a Surfer's Paradise


With an international reputation as a top surfing location, the coast around Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is a great place to catch a wave. The surf is ample and consistent, and you'll find waves for every skill level from beginner to advanced. We provide a number of services related to surfing to in Santa Teresa Area.

  • Rentals for all your surfing needs.

  • Onsite surfing school.

  • Surf tours for advanced level surfers to explore different breaks around the area



More about Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a beautiful Costa Rican beach town where you will find an international community of beach lovers. In addition to world-class, year-round surf, you'll find yoga, massage, and a plethora of eateries a stone's throw away. After spending a day in the water surfing, join the locals and tourists alike for one of the Pacific Coast's breathtaking sunsets.


More about Mal Pais

Mal Pais was voted among the Top Ten Breathtaking Beaches by Yet even with such a prestigious ranking, Mal Pais remains a quiet and beautiful beachfront community. It is situated just north of Cabo Blanco National Park, a maritime sanctuary to many aquatic species. Between Mal Pais and Santa Teresa lies the beach, Playa Carmen, which has sandbars and very little riptide, making it suitable for expert surfers and beginners alike.
Despite the great surfing, Mal Pais is one of the few truly uncrowded areas in Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa Surf Lessons Prices List

  • Standard $ 49
  • Private $ 59
  • Beginner Group Surfing Lesson:$ 49

  • Semi-Private Surfing Lesson: $ 55

  • Private Surfing Instruction: $ 59

Book a Surf Lesson in Santa Teresa

When it comes to surfing or soaking up in Santa Teresa, one word comes to mind... Location, Location, Location! and We know the right places!

Surf Locations Near Santa Teresa


Playa Carmen

The Playa Carmen beach break is directly in front of a few hostels. There are a handful of hotels in the area with direct beach access. Boasting numerous peaks over a half-mile stretch of water, Carmen offers breaks for the experienced and beginners alike. Although a rarity, Playa Carmen will even hold a 1 1/2 foot wave, providing surf on small days. Contact us for information about our Surf School.


Playa Hermosa

A beautiful stretch of white, sandy beach that offers lefts and right beach breaks. Hermosa is usually much less crowded than Santa Teresa or Playa Carmen.

in Conclusion, Santa Teresa is usually a powerful wave that is more hollow than its cousin to the south at Playa Carmen. The breaks tend to work best on a low tide. Because the wave is fast and hollow, it is a great option for more experienced surfers.

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