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Stand Up Paddling Tours in Costa Rica


INTRO Stand Up Paddling

Discover the thrill of Stand Up Paddling! Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world for a good reason – it’s incredibly fun and easy to learn. Academy Surf School lessons are lead by our team of instructors - the friendliest and most experienced in the Central Costa Rica Region, without exception. We’ll provide you with a stand-up paddleboard, paddle, and the patient, friendly and professional instruction that will have you loving the sport in no time.

The class will paddle the waters of the either Jaco, Herradura, or Mantas beaches, enjoying gorgeous views and local wildlife. We will cover all the basics you need: proper stance, paddling technique, turning, and more. And not only is SUP a great time, but it’s also an excellent core workout!



Looking for something NEW in a workout? Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is the ultimate cross-training discipline! Everyone from weekend exercisers to triathletes and celebrities is utilizing SUP as the new cross-training platform. SUP is famous for giving an excellent "core" workout that benefits everyone, no matter what their sport or lifestyle. Paddle with us thru the beautiful Costa Rica waters while transforming your body into a fit and toned physique.

The SUP Fitness Class begins with specific stretching exercises on land then takes to the water for a short 5-minute paddle to our secluded class area where we will remain for the duration of the class. There, we'll burn some calories while engaging in strength exercises, core exercises, cardio, balance and discover how to obtain the core benefit from a proper paddle stroke. SUP Fitness will add a whole new dimension to any workout or training routine and work muscles groups that benefit your entire body strength. The classes are dynamic and will change a bit from session to session, inviting you to return for more core time on the water. As with any good yoga class, these classes are modified for each individual student - you can enjoy the fun of just moderate exercises on the new platform of a stand-up paddleboard, or really challenge yourself on the board with your SUP Fitness Instructor. Every class has a mix of all levels of participants, and all are welcome!

Note: This is not an “Introduction to Stand Up Paddling” class and will not provide introductory instruction on stand up paddling. Therefore, it is requested that participants have taken an “Intro to Stand Up Paddling” class or have previous paddling experience. Any student unable to capably stand up and paddle to the class area may be required to withdraw from the class.

Note: Class may take place at either Jaco, Herradura or Mantas beaches depending on weather.


Tours and Expeditions

Beginner ___________________$65
JACO & HERRADURA (1 single) (adult)
Beginners ___________________$50
JACO & HERRADURA (2 or more) (adult couple & group)
FITNESS (Experienced) __________$65
JACO & HERRADURA (1 single) (adult)
FITNESS (Experienced) __________$50
JACO & HERRADURA (2 or more)
Beginner _____________________$90
PLAYA MANTAS (1 single) (adult)
Beginners ____________________$65
PLAYA MANTAS (2-N) (adult couple & group)
FITNESS _____________________$90
PLAYA MANTAS (1 single) (adult)
FITNESS _____________________$65
PLAYA MANTAS (2-N) (adult couple & group)
1 day rental same day return $40

!! 20 % Discount on any package during the Lowseason

(September, October, November)!!

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