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Surfing in Playa Avellanes / Playa Negra

Playa Avellanes and Playa Negra offer some excellent surfing and for those looking for a remote vacation experience, these are the ideal destination.

Avellanes - Remote but great surf

There are comfortable & affordable accommodations here within walking distance to the surf however the only services offered other than those found in nearby Tamarindo, are those at the hotel. This is an ideal location for surfers looking for a more relaxing, remote surfing vacation with less nightlife and more, dawn patrol sessions.

Although most travelers opt to stay in Tamarindo and make the drive to these breaks, if you choose to stay at these locations for your surf vacation, the best way to enjoy these breaks is to stay at the respective hotel in front of the break.

Getting There

Avellanes and Negra are accessed by a dirt road from Huacas (just outside of Tamarindo). Check road conditions before driving (beach and internal road available). Click here to see the map of Costa Rica.


For those looking for a remote vacation experience, these are the ideal destination.

Playa Negra

A series of rights and lefts from a rivermouth offering a series of peaks including reefs and beach breaks. The northern end of the rivermouth boasts an outside reef break, “Little Hawaii,” which works best on a west or northwest swell and is ideal for longboarders.The rivermouth is a rock bottom right that can get very hollow and best at low tide in the am.

Playa Negra

12 kilometers south of Tamarindo offering a rock-reef right break that is fast & hollow at low tide creating a picture perfect ride. Best conditions in the morning with a mid tide going out. Negra will pick up swell from many directions and crowds can be a factor.

Things to Do

Nada. Just surf, dude. Not much nightlife, but there are some pretty cool treks that you can make, surfing and otherwise. Head north to Tamarindo for a variety of restaurants, shops and tour options.

Other Adventures

Boat trip to Witches Roca and Ollie’s Point - Experience the dreams of your endless summer! The boat leaves early in the morning from Tamarindo Beach for the best surf spots around here, Witches Rock, Ollie’s Point and other secret spots. Left and right, tubes, the perfect waves.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park - This is an all day Adventure Tour to the active volcano Rincon de la Vieja . Drive through the Guanacaste countryside up to the capital city of Guanacaste , Liberia and return with the sunset in the late afternoon.

Horseback Riding - Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the horses are well trained and good sizes for everyone. Included are refreshments and any other necessary transportation. Travel by horse to discover hills, pastures, beaches and typical Costa Rican villages.

Ridley Turtle Nesting in Ostional - Experience the unbelievable phenomenon of thousands of Ridley turtle coming into shore to lay their eggs. This protected beach has a surplus of turtle eggs, so that they are actually harvested to allow baby turtles to have an area to be hatched in without being disturbed by surplus eggs. The ” arribada ” of turtles is distinctly unique and their arrival is based on the phase of the moon.

Palo Verde National Park Guaitil artisan village - This is a visit to the Palo Verde National Park, which is part of the basin of the Tempisque River . The lowlands and marshes create the perfect conditions for the largest concentration of waterfowl and wadding birds in all of Central America . This is a birdwatchers paradise.

Things to Avoid

Avoid parking at the beach with any valuables in the car. The remoteness which makes this area so attractive, also makes it an easy target for petty theft while you are in the water!

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