Tres piscinas.

Refreshing secret waterfalls.


About a 45 minute drive south of Jaco, this is a must do adventure that will only set you back 2000 colones per person for parking in the farmers field. Check out the videos online, this is a great family adventure. Bring some drinks and lunch to enjoy the falls all day. 

 Directions are simple.  Head south of Jaco on Costanara Sur, Route 34.  From the gas station on the south end of Jaco, just as you leave town, drive 37.1 km until you are just 2 km from Parrita.  Turn north (left) onto road 609 right after the soccer fields on the outskirts of Parrita (N9 31.936 W84 20.844).  It is a gravel road and on either side there are many rows of palm trees, and papaya plantations. Continue on Route 609 for 9 km past the Super Henry store (buy drinks here), past a processing plant  (left) and a cemetary (right) until you reach a small road heading to the left immediately before a very narrow bridge.  Head up the hill for 1 km until you reach a small farm house.  Park here and pay the lady $4 per person to park and access her land (N9 36.746 W84 19.475).  There are signs here in english telling you to park, etc.

 After parking the car, grab your drinks, snacks, towels, etc and head along the trail to the falls, approximately 800 m.  There are orange markers on the trail to make it easy to find your way.  

There are three falls and you can jump into the first three but the bottom one, where you arrive is too shallow to jump into.  The top one is about 6 ft to 10 ft deep, the next two are very deep and safe.  Have fun and bring your camera.